Charter School Advisory Board recommends Next Generation Academy

On February 6, 2017, the Charter School Advisory Board voted by a unanimous decision to recommend to the State Board of Education that Next Generation Academy is approved to open a charter school in 2018. The State Board of Education will vote by August for NGA to move to the Ready to Open Phase that will include meetings to ensure all procedures and policies are in place prior to opening in 2018.

The Next Generation Academy will be a K-8 school with a classroom student-teacher ratio of 1-20, with a teacher assistant assigned to K-2 classrooms. The projected enrollment in five years will be 700 students with 300 in the first year.

The Founding Board has made a commitment that the children of East Greensboro will be more than statistics. They will be provided with educational options that will allow them to distinguish themselves as productive citizens, willing and able to improve the future for themselves, their families, their community, and ultimately their world.

The schools mission is focused on building a clear foundation for students future successes in school, careers, and life.

Dr. Sam Misher, Chairman, NGA Board

Curriculum @ NGA!

NGA will offer a curriculum aligned to the state standards in reading, math, science, social studies, the arts, foreign language, and physical education. Course offerings and sequencing of courses will follow state recommendations. Using personalized learning coupled with experiential learning, students will move through curriculum at a pace that allows time to serve as the variable and students to learn through discovery, building 21st century skills.

With a focus on application of learning within real-world context, students will develop a global awareness and strengthen character as they navigate core and elective courses.