Daily Life @ Next Generation Academy

What would a day at Next Generation Academy look like?

Students will arrive by bus, car, or walking. then enter the building where breakfast is served or straight to the classrooms.
The day will begin with our students organizing their materials. When all students have gathered the class will meet for greetings, calendar, songs and movement. Class procedures for the day will be discussed. This time is essential for building the class community. Students must begin to trust teachers and each other in order for real learning to take place. Students must feel safe to take risks when they speak or demonstrate in front of their peers.

Students will begin their first literacy block. Today the teacher is using Newberry Award Winning book Last Stop on Market Street, written by Matt de la Peña. Students are focusing on the sequence of events. After listening, students use 4 x 6 post it notes to draw simple logograms of any three events on Market Street. They will share in small groups as the teacher is circulating to their table. When students finish, they are to place their 3 post-its on paper in sequential order. (This activity will continue tomorrow when students are asked to describe their three events in order). Teacher or assistant will help the student write 1 word symbolizing one of the logograms.
These should be words from the story. Students may then type their words into personal word banks on their tablets or on the computer during technology. This activity will continue the next day when students are asked to describe their three events in sequential order. With assistance or using the dictation application students will write a sentence about each event.

Student will then participate in movement exercises using a related rhyme and songs.

After this activity, students will take part in a listening activity, matching letters on a magnetic board with beginning sounds of words. Then students will play a game in which they determine if they hear the letter (b) for example at the beginning of the word (stand) or at the end, they drop to the floor.

Students will begin a math block. Today they are focusing on writing equations for sums of 10. Students have a set of teddy bear counters in front of them. They will be separating the cubes into two groups. Student takes a picture of the cube groups, then using annotation on photographs and finger as stylus student writes the appropriate equation. Students share their equations with their table group. Homework assignment: Student will take picture of 10 objects in two groups, then writes equation on picture. Objects can be pencils, beans, gravel, leaves, etc.

Students must feel safe to take risks when they speak or demonstrate in front of their peers.

Before going to lunch, students will participate in another brain break which requires crossing the midline,
During lunch students will sit with the same students for 1 week. They will be given a thoughtful, age appropriate prompt about which to converse. This conversation does not have to last more than 5-10 minutes of their entire lunch. Manners and appropriate language will be emphasized. Class restroom time will be taken after lunch along with an explorative walk outside if weather permits.

Upon return to the class, students will listen to a story. This week they are listening to the stories of Marc Brown (Arthur’s Teacher Trouble, Arthur Visits the President, Arthur Writes a Story, and Arthur’s Baby.) Reading strategies emphasizing visualization and sequence of events will be demonstrated by teachers and practiced by students.

Time for Recess.

Students will have time for free play and engaging games to develop gross motor skills.
Students will begin study of Bilby by Edel Wignell and Mark Jackson. This book is a description of how the endangered Australian marsupial, the bilby, survives and raises her young. Students will study how a species becomes endangered, what can be done to prevent this situation. They will learn about the habitat in Australia. Follow-up activities will include researching an endangered animal on each continent. Students will make a class mural of the continents and these animals.

Each kindergarten class will make a PowerPoint presentation of endangered species on the continents. They will share these with each other. Students will participate in special activities each week including art, music, technology and Spanish. At the end of the day, students will review their day, successes and favorite moments. Students will be responsible for reading or listening to an audio book on their tablets at home. Dismissal will follow. We look forward to our next day with your children!