Inspire students to become productive 21st century literate citizens.


In order to become a productive 21st century citizen, every student will develop and demonstrate effective reading, writing, speaking and listening skills by participating in high quality, explicit literacy instruction across all content areas.

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Improve Student Learning

NGA’s mission emphasizes the idea of personalized learning. We will improve student achievement by focusing on personalized learning. Personalized learning is student-centered and allows the student to drive their learning. Students will complete interest surveys and pre-assessments to determine areas of need.    Pre-assessments will organize instruction for the classroom. Once the surveys and assessments are complete, students will be trained to track their own data and learning in data notebooks and online progress monitoring programs like Easycbm.com. Students will be assisted in tracking their own progress individually or as a small team or class. They will be able to set goals for themselves, supported using a digital portfolio that will follow students as they matriculate to graduation from high school. All students will receive teacher directed, on grade level or above instruction during the core instruction blocks in reading, math, and science. Teachers will use the gradual release model to provide modeling, guided practice, and a chance for students to demonstrate mastery during independent practice.

Students who have mastered objectives will be provided teacher directed enrichment lessons to keep them moving toward mastery of additional objectives. Students that show a sharp deficiency in an objective or skill will be given additional intervention lessons to build skills and relevancy. Technology will be vital in this effort to personalize courses not just a particular lesson. Students will be encouraged to use technology, such as tablets and computers, to complete self-directed online modules in reading, math, and science. Students will also be able to serve peer tutors and leaders in the classroom.

Encourage the use of innovative and engaging teaching methods

Teachers will use the gradual release model during teacher directed instruction. However, there is also an important role for the integration of literacy through inquiry in science and math lessons and problem and project based learning to come up with multiple solutions to problems students can explain to others. The 5E lesson plan (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate) will be utilized to promote problem based learning in math and science. Students will participate in guided math lessons to provide additional intervention and enrichment activities for all students.

Teachers will be trained and encouraged to create a learning environment where they serve as facilitators of learning rather than the sole deliverer of information. Professional development for the use of technology, classroom zones (geared to the different learning styles), group sharing, and student led conferencing are ways we will encourage innovative teaching methods. Each method will focus on the students becoming productive literate citizens.