Success Stories of NGA

I too had a wonderful experience at NGA. Since Kindergarten, Malcolm has had his share of impatient teachers. My frustrations of trying to create a flow of communication only was met with neglect, on their part, and reactive measures.This then seeped into his desire to learn. Until NGA. The patience and motivation the 2nd grade teachers – Ms. Jordan, Ms. Gamamou, Ms. Weeks and Ms. Ray -poured into Malcolm made so much of a difference that he has made remarkable improvement. We were always on one accord and I was able to be more proactive in his day-to-day routine. I am beyond sad that we had to move and won’t be attending for the remainder for their primary schooling. I can only hope that I find this caliber teachers at every school. 

Janel Pace

I have been quite transparent about my son’s story and what he went through at his very first public elementary school for Kindergarten.  He has grown so much in Ms. Wright’s class this year and I am grateful beyond words!  Ms. Wright has pushed him to higher levels and has helped his confidence in math and writing in ways that I had only dreamed of last year.  THANK YOU, Ms. Wright!  We have some incredible teachers and staff at NGA!  I’ve been in education for over 15 years as an educator and now as a parent and I’ve never encountered a Principal like Dr. Lewis.  Everything that she says she will do, she has done!  I am so grateful!!  She truly cares about our children and providing an enriching education for each individual child.  Mr. Smith has helped my son and so many others become more confident and he cares for each of them as well!   Let’s put stories of Triumph and Success together that will be displayed on the NGA Website, kind of like testimonials.   I will be sharing my story for sure!    

Leah Brown

They say that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Well in our case we must be Superman strong at NGA. For there is no greater strength than love and support when educating a child. These are the essential tools that a child needs when building confidence to be great. NGA wraps its loving arms of support around my child and encourages her that she can meet whatever challenges in front of her. It was great watching her teachers Miss Mitchell and Miss Thomas give her gentle pushes into her full capabilities. Dr. Lewis always speaks with great enthusiasm and allows the school to move in the right direction. Her extensive knowledge of curriculum  is constantly on display Not only is she a great principal but she’s also a fantastic parent of a student of NGA. Mr. Smith the dean of students  has shown incredible  abilities  to reach and touch children’s lives  through structure  discipline and order  but most importantly love .  The programs that he created as well to keep the children engaged were magnificent and most needed .  For it was through these programs  that it kept everyone energized  and looking forward to  new heights.There are not enough words to describe the wisdom and kindness of the Director and visionary Educator, Dr.Misher. Quiet reserved and an attentive ear to detail. His calm demeanor in the face of adversity and storms it’s what keeps everyone confident that we can reach the mark.Previously, Dr.Misher served Northern Guilford Middle, Allen Middle and Smith High, among other schools. These years of experience gives us a bright future because he understands the past. Onward and upward let’s go NGA.

Andre and Carla Smith